With our White Label Video Production services we can offer your agency anything from a production runner to full concept and final delivery solutions. Our team are based in Northampton but can fulfill your vision almost anywhere.

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What we really do

Are you a video production company who wants the occasional skilled shooter?  or are you a digital agency who needs to outsource their entire video production needs? Whatever your requirements, our white label video production service can help boost your existing media offerings. We can provide anything from a runner or a Steadicam operator all the way up to BEING your media offering. We offer hourly, daily and per project rates to suit your needs, all produced under your own branding.

With over 10 years experience of filming live, single take events we have become masters of our trade and achieving results first time.

By using multiple cameras and an efficient workflow our offerings help you deliver on-time and within budget.

Let us take the hassle out of media production by being the ones who manage and maintain equipment, edit videos, colour grade, direct and more.

Event Filming

We are really very good at this.  Filming events, what ever the classification is what we do. Our multi-cam setup means we can save cost by achieving multiple angles in a single take. Our expertise in sound recording means we can obtain the best possible sound be it a speech at a wedding, or a guest speaker during your clients big conference.

Camera and Steadicam

Over the years nothing has changed cinema more than the Steadicam. Our operator can fly our own Canon C100 on our Steadicam rig with a variety of lenses or your own camera upto 10lb. We can also mount your own DJI Ronin or Freefly Movi to our Steadicam vest and arm for prolonged shoots with even greater stability.

Adding a Steadicam to your shoots is a great way to increase production value and is perfect for walk and talk promotional and educational videos.

When using our camera operator services you also gain access to our huge, multicam kit bag of lights, audio equipment and more.

The video below is from global content agency Clearhead Media. Minty Slippers have provided camera and Steadicam operators to this company for a number of years. This school digital prospectus films is just one example of how we have helped our partners produce projects over the years.

Voiceover Recording

Crystal clear voice is paramount when producing an engaging brand story. Our mini mobile sound recording setup means we can go anywhere. Or, for the best sound possible make use of our in studio booth.

3D Graphics and Motion

Using our ‘best in industry’ partner we can produce full 3D motion graphics or product visualization. The footage can then either be provided to your own in-house team for editing or you can make use of our own creative editors.

Video Editing

Over the years we have become accustomed to high speed, high quality, story driven editing. This help keeps your costs low by taking half the time to edit as traditional studios. As well as using our creative flare we can offer comprehensive colour correction and grading to achieve your clients desired look.

Powerful editing computers mean we can work with footage upto 6k.


Already have your own video production team but need a helping hand? We can provide additional crew be it a runner, director, camera operator, sound engineer or any other member of your production team.

Scripting and Concept

Coming up with a killer idea or compelling dialogue can sometimes be hard. We can storyboard and script your clients big idea and then leave it upto you to turn into a reality or help you along the way.

Full Service

Full end to end production from concept to delivery. Our recent music video project for Angel River’s debut single, we were asked to come up with a story driven concept while also showcasing the artists talents. All filming was done using a Steadicam for a more dynamic feel with on location lighting and direction. The shots finale of the jacket being thrown into the Thames was done using our 3D graphics and compositing offering with all final editing and colour grading done by our in house team.

Ready to see how we can help you bring ideas to life?

No matter your needs we can help. Your clients have plans and you have the exciting ideas. Let our team of seasoned professionals help you in executing those ideas and bringing them to life.