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ongratulations on making the decision to have a wedding in the beautiful county of Surrey. So perhaps you are considering hiring a wedding videographer? It’s definitely worth capturing the beauty of this area on film. I think this county is one of the more understated areas of the UK. Also, if you have never visited the area before, there are lots of cool places to go. I’m going to give you some ideas on what the area offers for visitors, and talk about some of the great places to get married in Surrey.

If you have family visiting you from overseas, it’s such a great county to spent some time in too. There are lots of family friendly places to take your relatives. I’m going to talk about a few of them in this article, from pubs to parks and places to just relax and chill out.

If you want to read all about our skills as a wedding videographer, and generally how we roll, we have a separate article written all about it.

Let's talk about your wedding planning

There really is a lot to do. That’s how your feeling. I know, I’ve been there too. But before you get to disheartened, let me tell you that this part, is the fun part. So you’ve booked your venue. Now it’s time to find the dress, the photographer, and the videographers. Put the kettle on, grab a healthy snack. Lets talk about hiring a wedding videographer in Surrey. After all I am an expert in the subject!

What to consider when booking your wedding video

It’s such a beautiful county, so many green areas and historic venues. Whenever I visit the county, I just want to stay. It has quite a pocket of wealth too, a lot of London commuters can afford to live there. House prices are high, and the quality of life is generally good too. It’s definitely a more affluent area of the UK. Having your wedding in this county will certainly give you some stunning images. We are able to offer the best standard of wedding videography, in fact, we go and work there quite a lot. It’s a great place to visit just for the sake of it too!

Places we've filmed

We’ve really got lot of experience filming weddings in Surrey, did you get that vibe yet? We’ve filmed outside ceremonies, church weddings, all types of denominations and faiths. There’s not much we can’t handle. If your still looking for your wedding venue, perhaps we can help with your research too. It’s not just about finding good wedding videographers is it?

A same day edit (SDE) at The Elvetham Hotel

A favourite venue of ours is The Elvetham Hotel in Hartley Wintney. The Elvetham itself is actually an area in Surrey covering some 8,000 acres of the countryside. Its history dates back to the 11th Century with a history full of nobility, royalty and scandal (according to their website). If your one for historical references and amazing architecture, it’s worth a visit. One of the weddings we have filmed there was one of our Same Day Edit packages. In this package, we actually show the wedding we have filmed in the evening – Yes! you did read that right. We film all day, edit as we go and then show our creation in the evening on a massive projection screen (all included in the price). The couple, Dean and Neil – total Disney buffs, and this venue was so perfect for them.

Great Fosters

If like me, you like a hotel with lots of services under one roof, then holding a wedding at Great Fosters in Egham could be one to explore. We have filmed there quite a few times over the last few years and quite recently too. The wedding of Kate and Gareth is definitely one to watch. This wedding is a great example of the sort of experience this venue provides on a wedding day. I’ve even filmed some celebrity weddings at this venue too! (I can’t say any more than that).

Farnham Castle

We’ve also worked at Farnham Castle, recently voted one of the best wedding venues in Surrey. And did I mention the food? Oh my, it’s so good. The caterer on site is a company called Galloping Gourmet and they make some of the finest food I’ve tasted. If you get a chance to try the home made scotch eggs…..

…the food? Oh my, it’s so good. The caterer on site is a company called Galloping Gourmet and they make some of the finest food I’ve tasted.

We often get enquires from couples based all over the world that are coming to the UK to get married. The county of Surrey is a popular choice just because it’s close to London. Edel and Glenn were Norwegian, and their wedding was a tribute to their heritage. Farnham Castle put on an amazing wedding for them, and we had the privilege of doing the day justice. For this one you can enable the subtitles if your Norwegian is a little rusty.

5 top tips for having your wedding in Surrey

Tip 1 – Wet weather plan

Minty Slippers has filmed a great deal of weddings in this county, and are a prime choice for your wedding videographer. If you have booked a country house style of venue, you’re going to enjoy the large landscapes they typically come with. I would say though that you do need to have a wet weather plan. Most venues like country houses use a marquee for the wedding breakfast, so having a wet weather plan is essential.

Most venues like country houses use a marquee for the wedding breakfast, so having a wet weather plan is essential.

If your having a Marquee as part of your wedding celebrations, consider this important point. I have been on wedding shoots where unfortunately, the marquee has not been raised off the ground. When this is not done and it rains a lot, the floor just becomes like a bog. It may be a little more expensive, but raising the floor will save you having wet feet, and cold damp guests. A flooded marque will obviously put a downer on the day, and raising the base does go some way towards avoiding this. We all know the British summer can be a little bit unpredictable.

Also, have a chat with the photographer that you have booked, to see what they typically do in wet weather situations. If you’re looking for photographers at this stage, then get in touch with us. We have some excellent contacts in the industry.

Tip 2 – Research - Look at wedding blogs

If your in the early stages of your planning process, wedding blogs can be a great source of inspiration. Some will focus more on a style of wedding, like vintage, or rocky. Some are more generic and will feature many different styles. Just have a good read through all of them and find the one that suits you best.

A quick search on Rock my Wedding will show all of their Surrey weddings. This blog tends to feature all styles of wedding, and we’ve even been on it! It’s a great blog for finding tried and tested suppliers. Some brides will give reports on their wedding experiences so you can see what worked well for them, and what didn’t.

The Love My Dress wedding blog also showcases some venues, and current topics for the area. The Love my Dress blog features a more vintage style of wedding. So it’s a great place to find suppliers for a vintage brands like 50’s style wedding dresses.

There are also more specific cultural blogs, such as Smashing the Glass. This is a wedding blog featuring some Jewish styled weddings but is still well worth a read even if you aren’t having a Jewish faith wedding. The weddings are always fun and some of the styling is so amazing. It’s really worth checking out some of the beautiful flower arrangements for the ceremonies especially. We have filmed quite a few Jewish wedding videos over the years. I’d really recommend watching one of our Jewish wedding films. It might give you some inspiration for your own day!

Tip 3 – Travel - Ever been down a country road?

I’ve seen a lot of people get lost on the country roads of. If your looking to book a wedding videographer in Surrey (or any supplier but hopefully us!), we’d recommend transporting your guests in one lump. By this I mean hiring a coach if your having a church wedding first, followed by your country house reception. It’s much easier to move everyone together and no one gets lost!

Also, having filmed on the coaches during the journey, adding some bubbly and some snacks on board makes for a great atmosphere. A few drinks of the alcoholic variety to get the party vibe going is always welcomed by guests. It sets the trend for the day and everyone arrives ready for the drinks reception to start.

If possible, keep the journey short, try not to spend too much of your day travelling.

If possible, keep the journey short, try not to spend too much of your day travelling. It’s more difficult for your wedding videographer to make an exceptional film if they are spending a lot of time moving equipment, and travelling between venues. General rule of thumb would be to keep guests happy with bubbly and keep journeys short!

Tip 4 – Trains, bikes or cars?

Surrey is so close to London. It has so many great transport links, and travelling times there are not long.

Once you get there, the countryside is all around you there are lots of green spaces to relax. I’ve known it as England’s leafiest county for years! You don’t need to be a wedding videographer to film some of the stunning countryside this county offers. If you have some free time or want to get away from wedding planning, spend some time in the beautiful Hatchlands Park. A classic example of a British country park, with over 400 acres of wild flower meadows, it’s a real beauty to behold. It’s a National Trust property so you can expect somewhere to have a cuppa and a bun.

If your a fan of cycling like me, there are some wonderful landscapes to entice families and committed bike riders. There are routes to suit me (I’m a slow coach!) and every level of ability. Seeing the county this way is a wonderful experience. As film buffs, we can often be seeing adding a go pro to our handle bars. I guess being filmmakers is in our blood!

I’ll admit that I am really more of a train person, (it’s in my blood, blame my Dad), and the rail services are quite good. I would recommend getting in touch with National Rail Enquiries or South West trains to find out what routes are available.

Personally, I hate travelling on Surreys main road route, the famous M25. But if you have to, take it slow and steady. It’s a horribly busy road system, and can get so congested. If your new to driving in the UK, take an experienced road user with you.

Tip 5 – Entertainment

If your guests are visiting the area for your wedding, there are some great activities to enjoy too. If the family are into theme parks, check out Thorpe Park in Chertsey and Chessington World of Adventures. I have been to both and there are activities there for all ages and abilities. If you have little ones, they have areas dedicated to their entertainment too. It can be quite pricey to buy food in these venues, so you can always take a picnic. Make sure you wear comfortable footwear and take a rain coat. Some of the rides are guaranteed to leave you soaking wet!

On the subject of food, (one of my favourite subjects by the way) there are some amazing pubs. The White Hart, in Chobham, is believed to date from the 1500’s. It’s one of the oldest properties in the village. It’s often found to be serving Barbers cheese and potato pie, braised lamb and pork belly. If your into historic pubs, then this one should be on your trail.

I have found that the most popular place that most family members will want to go, is London. It is virtually on your doorstep of your having your wedding in Surrey. When I have had a day out in our capitol, I find that it’s best to plan out what you want to see and do first. There really is so much you can do that you risk feeling overwhelmed. I have found it’s a good idea to plan to stay in a hotel near to the underground. This way, at the end of the day when the feet are tired of walking, the hotel is right at the end of your last journey.

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