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We love the idea of working where we live. As wedding videographers in Northampton, we’d love to show case more weddings in this wonderful county.

Northamptonshire is simply beautiful. When we moved to this region a few years ago, we really had very little idea about what it had to offer. So many little villages tucked away, offering a quiet glimpse of a different sort of life. We also didn’t realise that Northampton has a thriving wedding industry all of its own.

If your getting married in Northampton, or considering where to book, then I’m going to give you a few examples of venues and locations that look great from a filming perspective.

Also, if your looking to source local suppliers for your Northamptonshire based wedding, there are lots of exceptional options. I’m a big advocate of going local where I can. It’s great for the local economy and its excellent for the environment too.


A recent discovery, literally 5 minutes from our front door is the amazing Courteenhall wedding venue . We must have driven past the drive way to this estate at least a hundred times, but never noticed it. When we got booked to film a wedding there, we were naturally excited about how close we were!

The estate is vast. When you are in front of the house looking out; well, it’s just stunning. Ahead of you is the family’s church, surrounded by the estates lush farm land and beautiful landscapes.

This venue is definitely in my top 10 preferred venues for working at as a wedding videographer in Northampton. If your looking for a wedding venue in Northampton, this should be on your list of considerations. I’d suggest you get in quick though if your considering it, as they only take on a small number of commissions each year.

Wedding ceremonies your way

Kate and Graham had their day at the amazing Courtenhall. If you’ve ever wanted to have your wedding ceremony how you want it or been miffed by the rules placed on you by a registrar then consider this. Have your legal ceremony in the local registry office and on your wedding day itself have a humanist ceremony. This way you are not bound by the rules of convention or tied into archaic ways. For Kate and Graham they had the fantastic Katie the Humanist wedding celebrant conduct their day. This meant they could say whatever vows they wanted, have the rings warmed by their guests and best of all, have their entire ceremony out in the open without the need to step under cover for the legal decleration.

Is a video right for you?

Some things to consider. Wedding videography is literally the best historical record you can create of your wedding. Think about it like this. If you book a wedding, your doing this:

  1. Spending quite a lot on the venue or location hire.
  2. Putting a lot of effort into the decor and the look of the day.
  3. Inviting all your nearest and dearest to spend the day with you.
  4. And obviously marrying the one person you can’t live without.

Don’t get me wrong, photo’s have their place, and I’m a big advocate of photography, but you can’t beat the live image of someone smiling, laughing and walking around. It’s like freezing a moment in time on repeat. Watch it as much as you like.

There’s also the social media aspect to consider. Instagram is where its at folks. You’ll be pleased to know that all of our packages come with an Instagram film as standard. Hiring us as your wedding videographer in Northamptonshire is key if you want to incorporate all of the above.

Another point to consider, is how close London is to Northampton. We travel to and fro a lot, as we cover London weddings quite regularly. But if your London based, and want to come out into the Northamptonshire countryside, it’s literally just a spit up the road.

Kelmarsh Hall

A venue a bit further afield from us is Kelmarsh Hall. A classic style wedding venue in Northamptonshire. Described as being designed with impeccable taste, it’s ideal for those of you looking for a classic country wedding venue. Potentially ideal for those looking to get away from the hubub of city life.

Castle Ashby

How about Castle Ashby? A seductive secret walled garden, with lots of stunning landscape features to film your wedding video in Northampton.

We visited a little while back when we made a promotional film for Josie at The Artizan Hound. Castle Ashby were kind enough to let Josie and us use their landscape to let some very cute pup’s run riot.

Julie from Minty Slippers
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Julie O’Neill (I handle the business end)

I’m Julie and when it comes to Minty Slippers I am not only one of our Cinematographers and editors but I also handle all the business bits. Numbers, budgets and planning are my bag.

Your enjoyment is key

If your considering hiring a wedding videographer in Northampton, were are an excellent choice as your wedding film makers. The next step is to get in touch and see if we are available on your date. Give us a call or drop us an email to start to share your wedding day plans.