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n our experience, having wedding videography in London can mean you have a few extra things to consider. Our top tips should help give you some ideas about what you might need to think about when your planning your wedding film.

Filming in London can present a few extra challenges. However, we’ve filmed in London so many times now that there isn’t much we can’t handle. We have made wedding films in multiple locations across the capital, including the Palace of Westminster and many other iconic venues.

Filming in London

So the good news is, you don’t have to worry about how we are going to get from A to B. We pride ourselves on making sure we plan out our journey in advance, allowing for traffic.

Travelling around in London on a Saturday or Sunday is usually quieter than week days, and there is no congestion charges to consider either. We can use cabs or our vehicle to get us around, and as long as we know what your plans are, we can make sure we are in the right places when we need to be.

Movie sets

I am always on the look out for celebrities when I’m in London filming a wedding. After all, we all know that London is a favourite with Hollywood movie producers.  On one particular wedding day, we were working very close to Daniel Craig filming a scene!  Literally the next building. Although we didn’t get to see him in action.

Recommended by family members

Liggy and Sean had their wedding at The Chainstore at Trinity Buoy Wharf near the O2 arena. They found us after we filmed her sister Hannah and her now husband Chris not long before. It was a huge compliment that Liggy and Sean wanted us to film their wedding too.

The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Some of the best places we have worked in have been really iconic, and some have been much smaller and intimate. Everyone has their own style, and we can fit in around most peoples plans. As one of the best videographers in the UK you can have faith that we can do your day justice. We want you to enjoy your day, and forget that you are being filmed.  That way, we get your most believable performance.

Everyone has their own style, and we can fit in around most peoples plans.

The grandeur of the London St Pancras Hotel has always impressed us. After all, the spice girls filmed Wannabe there on the iconic staircase. Who could forget that! We’ve filmed there quite a few times, and the Jewish wedding video in our wedding video gallery, of Kate and Aaron is a classic example of the sort of events the St Pancras Hotel have.

The Landmark Hotel

The Landmark hotel is also a fantastic venue. If you have been there, you  will remember the atrium and the light that it brings into the centre of the hotel. We filmed there at the wedding of Cassie and Daniel. They had every element of the wedding in one location, which is a fantastic idea. It really cuts down on the amount of time spent travelling between venues.

If there was one area we could give you advice about, it would be the locations you choose for your wedding day

If there was one area we could give you advice about, it would be the locations you choose for your wedding day. If you can plan it so that you don’t have to travel, it can make a huge difference to your guests as well as your suppliers like us wedding cinematographers. It simply means we have more time to spend making your wedding film, rather than moving our equipment and travelling.

5 top tips for having your wedding in London

Tip 1 – Your wedding dress style

Picking your wedding dress is such a huge part of the wedding planning process. I remember when I was looking for my wedding dress. There was lots of trying on of multiple styles and fits, and it was so exciting. My mum and my sister came with me and we all had a really good time. If your going for wedding videography in London, perhaps it’s worth considering the style of your dress. You might want to have a photo shoot around some of the more iconic areas, which may be a bit difficult if your dress is hard to move around in.

A more fitted style, rather than a big flowing train might be better when walking around the streets of London. Consider asking one of your bridesmaids to come along with you to hold your dress, and help you change your shoes.

Tip 2 – Your shoes

Who loves those Manolo Blahnik, or the popular Vera Wang for those wedding day shoes. Sometimes style will always over power comfort. However, these designer brand shoes might be tricky to walk in on a cobbled street. The person doing your wedding videography in London will certainly be wearing comfortable shoes. Cinematography by its nature means lots of standing and time on your feet. In contrast, some of our customers are very used to wearing fashion styled shoes regularly, and it really is quite normal for them. It really depends on personal choice and your personal comfort level. I personally hate having sore feet!

We filmed a wedding last year at the wonderful Dartmouth House in Mayfair. It’s just one of the many locations we filmed in as a wedding videographers and professional film makers. In this film, we meet Adrienne and Maxine. There was an instant connection between us all, and we could tell that their dynamic was really unique.

Tip 3 – Lighting

If your planning on holding your wedding in a basement of a London hotel, your going to need to think about lighting. As experienced wedding videographers, we always come prepared and can add light where needed. However, it’s important to think about your guests experience too. Hiring a professional lighting crew can add another level of enjoyment to your event. It really helps us in enhancing the visuals, and it can help the photographer get some great shots too.

Adding an extra bit of light during the speeches can really make for a fantastic visual. As an example, have a look at a wedding we filmed at Banking Hall. We actually filmed Juliette’s sister Kate’s wedding too three years earlier, at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. In both of these examples, we used our portable lights to enhance the speeches to create a fantastic visual.

Tip 4 – Make it your day

It’s really important to us that you can enjoy the whole experience. There will so many different priorities on the actual day, it’s going to be hard to split your time 100 ways. You’ve done most of the hard work, now you can sit back and enjoy it. If you’ve picked the right supplier for your wedding videography in London, you won’t have to worry about any aspect of it.

If you’ve picked us, you’ll discover that Minty Slippers will rarely interact with you on the wedding day. We will be off doing our thing, and that’s how it should always be. The last thing you should be doing is worrying about what your suppliers are up to. We don’t like to draw attention to ourselves, and have lots of sneaky ways of doing this, like always wearing something dark. We find that wearing dark colours is not something your eye is naturally drawn towards. If someone is wearing white or red, you will always see that first.

Tip 5 – Finding a wedding videographer in London

Finding a wedding videographer in London should be on your list of priorities. Videographers are just like photographers and they can get booked up very quickly. To get the suppliers you really want, start the process of making contact as soon as you have booked your venue. Minty Slippers can get booked up two years in advance, so make sure you get in touch quickly.

Make sure you plan the wedding in the way you want. It’s easy to get distracted by family politics, and the table plan usually causes some degree of worry. In our experience, everyone who comes to your wedding, is there for you, and to celebrate with you. Any suppliers you have found via your search for wedding videography will all have the same advice. Make sure you plan your wedding day, for you and your partner. The whole day can be a very large investment, and it would be horrible if you didn’t actually have fun. Although we’ve also had plenty of great experiences with our couples that have kept tight budgets and costs to a minimum.  For Minty Slippers, its more about the people than the places.

Julie from Minty Slippers
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Julie O’Neill (I handle the business end)

I’m Julie and when it comes to Minty Slippers I am not only one of our Cinematographers and editors but I also handle all the business bits. Numbers, budgets and planning are my bag.

Your enjoyment is key

You should definitely make sure you have the time of your life. Most of all, make sure it’s remembered in all its glory. If you have booked wedding videography in London already, then applying some of these tips could help your day run smoothly. If you are still thinking about having your wedding filmed, and costs are part of your consideration, our recent article about how much wedding videography can or should cost might help.