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We will go anywhere... Even the moon

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We will quite literally go anywhere. If Elon Musk were to email and ask then we would probably jump at the chance to hop on the next SpaceX flight to Mars.

Here you will find some of the places we’ve been so stay a while and put your feet up.


The big smoke. Who doesn’t love a great big London Bus.


In 1215 King John signed the Magna Carta. A full 798 years before JAY-Z released his album by the same name (and probably also signed a few himself at a HMV). It is therefore wildly believed that King Jonn was the very first gangsta.


Home of some of the planets greatest minds such as Stephen Hawking, Tim Berners-Lee, Bill Clinton and of course not forgetting Nigella Lawson.

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The seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the home of Rochester Catherdral

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Everywhere Else

There is nowhere we can’t go be it Scotland or Wales, London or Liverpool. We’ll travel to France and even the Bahamas.


With beautiful scenic views and endless miles of red dust to get in your wedding dress. Who wouldn’t want to visit such a place.

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