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Let’s talk about everything to do with Jewish wedding video production and Jewish weddings. I am going to show you some examples of the Jewish weddings we have filmed all around the UK. Some examples follow a traditional orthodox approach, and others are more reformed. The stories and speeches are amazing, the party is always rocking, and you might just get some inspiration for your own wedding day!

Our first Jewish wedding video

I remember very clearly the first Jewish wedding video that Minty Slippers made. The wedding was at the Grove in Watford; a popular venue for high end Jewish weddings as it has quite a large capacity. The groom was a chap called Wayne Marc Godfrey, the Bride was Gemma. We knew a little bit about the couple before we filmed them, but didn’t realise how connected Wayne was in the film making world. We were only there as videographers filming the wedding, not editing it, as Wayne wanted to do this himself.

I was aware that Wayne ran a company called The Fyzz which had just been involved in the production of a film called Three and Out starring McKenzie Crook. In all honestly, I went to see this film with Danny at the Cinema because the trailers looked good. I had no idea at the time, that we would be filming the wedding video of one of the films producers. Wayne’s creative business has gone from strength to strength. He now has offices in Los Angeles and has worked on a huge catalogue of films with some very famous people.

Gemma has also enjoyed quite a lot of success in her own right. She is the founder and CEO of an investment company called Moola, and the mother of two lovely children. She is certainly a testament to working women all over the world, after being selected one of the BBC’s top 100 women. I think she’s also been on the telly a few times too with Arnold Schwarzenegger, on the american version of The Apprentice.

What we have learnt

I’ll be honest, our first Jewish wedding film was a real education into Jewish culture and tradition. Wayne picked us because he liked our story telling style and cinematography skills. He had never seen any of our examples of Jewish wedding videos as we hadn’t filmed any. But I am pleased to say that he was very happy with the results!

The ceremony under the canopy (chuppah) is one of my favourite parts of the day.

If you have never been to a Jewish wedding before, there are a few traditional elements that really make it a fantastic spiritual experience. The ceremony under the canopy (chuppah) is one of my favourite parts of the day. The family always surrounds the couple, and the warmth and emotional connections are abundant. The chuppah is always decorated in a beautiful way and traditionally, the construction is simple, a cloth spread over 4 poles. The chuppah is often decorated with a mass of beautiful flowers.

We also learnt that the rule at a Jewish wedding is you are either eating or dancing and we have found one of the absolute best entertainers are the Musika Showband. We have worked with them at number of celebrations now and they always manage to fulfil that ‘always dancing’ requirement. They really know how to get the party started.

Filming a Jewish wedding video while setting up chuppah
A traditional Jewish canopy (chuppah) decorated with flowers.

I don’t know how many Jewish wedding films we have filmed now, but we are certainly a lot more experienced since our very first opportunity. My favourite venue so far is St Pancras, some of the weddings we have filmed there have been exceptional. This venue is perfect for creative film makers.

I’ve lost count of how many wedding films we have made, we’ve been doing this for over 10 years, so it must be quite a few. Be it Indian or Jewish, or christian or catholic, the same principles apply. Love is awesome in any faith or denomination, and it should be celebrated in abundance.

Recommended by all

Rachel and Oliver celebrated their day at 8 Northumberland Avenue in London. They found us as we had filmed their friends Gemma and Adam 4 years earlier and had falled in love with our films ever since. Their wedding day story was one of emotion and fun as our film opens with Oliver making a promise to his new bride before we show what all Jewish weddings are about. The down right crazy fun!

Veiling ceremony (bedeken)

Earlier I said how the ceremony under the chuppah was one of my favourite parts of the day but the absolute all time favourite part is the bedeken. This part of the day is  the veiling ceremony, which dates back to early medieval times.

I have seen this ceremony observed at many traditional Jewish weddings. The reason for this ceremony is probably related to the modesty of the bride back in the day. A veil adds the traditional modesty the bride is expected to adopt with her elevation to the married state. Posh eh! Others believe it’s because the parents would often try and marry off the ugly sister in place of the bride the groom has chosen and this was his chance to set things straight.

It’s also a wonderful spiritual moment, when the groom gets to see his bride perhaps for the first time in a week, dressed beautifully in her wedding dress. I have often seen a Groom shed a tear at the sight of the person he is about to marry. It’s a really beautiful experience to behold.

Traditional or modern Jewish wedding video?

So think about watching a Hollywood Movie. How long are the wedding scenes? How much do you need to show of this event to know that its happened? It’s often an editorial choice. From speaking to other Jewish wedding videographers though, I am told that a lot of parents prefer a longer wedding video. I personally feel that in this modern age, we can adopt the less is more principle.

As an editor myself, I have to decide what the message of the scene should be. I don’t want to make a film that is full of the same content that repeats itself. When it comes to the evening especially I can tell you from my experience in Jewish wedding videography, that most people do not have that many dance moves. Personally, I would prefer to be entertained. I would want to watch my Jewish wedding video over and over, and notice something different each time and not feel as though I need to skip any bits.

Hollywood take several weeks to film just one scene. As wedding videographers, we have just one day to fit it all in, and make it look exceptional.

I have not seen an example of what another wedding video supplier has included in the longer style of films (90 minutes on average) so I can’t really comment on other peoples content. But, I do know that if I were to make a film that long, it would feel quite repetitive. If Hollywood make a wedding scene last 3 minutes with all the expertise at their disposal, shouldn’t we be following the same principles? After all, Hollywood take several weeks to film just one scene. As wedding videographers, we have just one day to fit it all in, and make it look exceptional.

Recommended by family members

Juliette and Darren were married at Banking Hall in London and was the second sister in this family to get married and to choose Minty Slippers as their wedding videographer. We had filmed Juliette’s sister Kate a few years earlier and it’s always a huge compliment when we are asked to come back for another family member. It’s the closest we can get to repeat business until we can befriend a serial marrier like Elizabeth Taylor.

If you do have a minute to spare, watch the wedding scene from the Twilight movie, and tell me how long it is? Do we really need more than that to understand that part of Edward and Bella’s story?

At Minty Slippers, we have been using the more modern and popular short-form method to tell our stories for a number of years, and the response has been overwhelming. We craft the story of your day into 10 minutes, or 20 minutes, depending on what package might suit you best. We have been teaching others this method too, and their success has also matched our own.

At Minty Slippers, we have been using the more modern and popular short-form method to tell our stories…

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