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very wedding has a ceremony, and it’s up to you to choose which type will suit you and your partner best. Minty Slippers have filmed so many different ceremony types, from Civil and Church style ceremonies, to more spiritual and new age styles. One thing has always been clear to us though; love is love, how ever you choose to celebrate it.

Let's talk about civil ceremonies

We probably film more civil ceremonies than any other type. I suspect that for most, it can be a less daunting type of ceremony, and an easier less expensive choice. Most legal contracts however, contain aspects that have to be done properly, and in the presence of witnesses. Guidance suggests that you have to do the following if you want to hold a civil ceremony:

  • You must say some sort of formal wording – like vows to each other.
  • you can’t have any religious content in the ceremony – whats not allowed are readings from a religious text, or hymns.
  • There has to be at least two people witnessing the ceremony
  • Signing the register of marriages is a legal requirement, and your witnesses have to do this too.

You can decide what wording you want to use in your vows. It’s a good idea to discuss this with the person who is going to conduct the service. Also, you don’t have to say vows for a Civil partnership, but most people do.

Hannah and Kyle – Wasing Park Secret Walled Garden

Hannah and Kyle – Wasing Park Secret Walled Garden

Jess and Katy – Eggington House

Jess and Katy – Eggington House

Mackenzie and Cameron – Dartmouth House

Mackenzie and Cameron – Dartmouth House

There is very little we haven't done

When it comes to civil ceremonies we’ve seen it all. We’ve filmed a blueberry farmer in his own blueberry field. A TV producer in front of a giant fairground organ and a couple who got married outside, surrounded by their family and friends around a pond.

Each one has its own challenges but our years of experience mean there is nothing we cannot handle.


Some of the appeal of having a Civil ceremony, is that you can hold your ceremony at any venue, approved by the local council. So you could choose a stately home, or a barn venue, or you could be more traditional and use the local registry office. If you’re looking for information on what venues can hold civil ceremonies, the home office has a list of all approved civil marriage and civil partnership venues.

Timings and technicalities

Holding a Civil ceremony instead of a church wedding, can make a difference in terms of the timings of your day. Typically, church ceremonies last around 45 minutes to an hour. Civil ceremonies are usually much quicker. It’s also worth bearing in mind that you can probably have a civil ceremony at the same venue as your wedding reception. If you do choose this option, that’s one less journey to make. Travelling takes up a lot of time and can make less time for other fun things!

Filming Civil v's Religious institution

There is usually a bit more flexibility when it comes to filming a civil ceremony. By this I mean that it’s possible to move a little bit if you need to get a better angle. There is usually a bit more space as well; churches by their design can be more restrictive on available space to film in. I have to say however, that we have seen some fantastic sermons delivered in Churches and other religious institutions that really make the event much more special. Civil ceremonies are completely non religious, so spiritual readings are permitted.

For good sound recording, we always put at least one of our lavalier microphones (like what the news people wear) on one of you.

We always film our ceremonies with two people. One person is usually at the top of the area, and the other down the back of the isle at the back. Once we pick our spot, we are usually still, which most celebrants prefer. For good sound recording, we always put at least one of our lavalier microphones (like what the news people wear) on one of you. That way, we get a good recording of what ever you say at the top of the aisle. If you’re having some civil ceremony readings, we can mic up the people talking (boys only) or put one of our little sound recorders on the lectern. It’s all very subtle.

You also get a bit more freedom with your song choices in a civil ceremony, although these have to be non religious too.

It's YOUR decision

The best way forward, is for you to get in touch to have a chat with us about your plans. I think the best thing though, is to read some testimonials and have a watch of some of our films. We really stand out above the rest.