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t’s important to find the right suppliers to use on your wedding day. There is a lot of choice for wedding videography and it can make you feel overwhelmed. There is a big task ahead of you in choosing who to work with on the wedding day itself. We honestly feel that choosing the right suppliers for your wedding is so very important. It’s also really exciting too; let me be the first person to welcome you to this wonderful world of all things wedding.

If your thinking about having your wedding day filmed and hiring a wedding videographer, there are some things to consider. I’m going to discuss some of them here, and help you decide if you want to have your day filmed. Hopefully you will!

Who are Minty Slippers

Great name huh! We are a husband and wife team of wedding videographers that have been filming weddings and live events for over 10 years. We feel that as we’ve being doing this job for a while, we have lots of great experience. A professional wedding videographer can be the difference between a really great film, and something that just sits on the shelf. We want you to watch your film all the time, and really enjoy it.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on producing something really different for everyone we work with. We don’t ask you to perform to the camera; natural is the best performance you can give. Most of us aren’t actors after all.

Preferred by directors, producers and movie buffs

This wedding was shot at Preston Court. Rob and Lisa both worked in TV, and were really struggling to find someone to do their day justice. Then these wonderful people finally found Minty Slippers. We are often the preferred choice of wedding videographer for TV professionals and production crew. This is mainly because we are good at the technical aspects of the day (sound etc) and they can appreciate how working on a live event is different to a studio setting.

How are we different at wedding videography?

We like to tell stories, rather than document the days events. It’s also important for us to get to know you a bit too. What we offer our customers is clean, simplistic and beautiful. Telling the story means filming without limits, and we can stay as long as you need us to. As experienced wedding videographers, we know how important it is to get it right the first time. We have a really cool knack of being in the right place, at the right time, and capturing moments that give our wedding films the wow factor. Speaking of wow factor. We made number 3 on the Country House Wedding Venues list of ‘things you wish you had at your wedding’;

To help you decide, you can read some of the comments from our previous customers. We have been told that we have a calming nature, and a fantastic laid back approach. I’ll let them do the talking though…

Why have your wedding filmed by a professional wedding videographer?

If there was a way to go back in time, I’d do it. Back when Danny and I got married, we didn’t event consider having our wedding filmed by a professional videographer. We were in completely different careers back then. I have quite strong feelings about it now. I honestly regret not having someone film for us.

I honestly regret not having someone film for us.

We asked someone in the wedding party to film it, and it was a total disaster. The video camera got left on the bar. When we watched the the video back later on, we saw a lot of feet. Furthermore, there were shots of the ground and wobbly imagery, especially when their arm got tired.

Having good professional wedding videography can save you the disappointment and regret that we felt. An experienced videographer is not going to make you perform, or talk to us down the lens. We really like to blend in, and be helpful where we can. There’s an interesting article on the Rock My Wedding blog, which talks about a brides regret about not using a professional wedding videographer.

What do we offer?

Our most popular wedding videography package is our short story collection with prices starting from £2,000 which includes our all day coverage. The film you receive is around 10 minutes in length, and it’s ideal for most people. It’s great for sharing on social media and we can help you do that with our personalised client gallery.

If you want something longer, we also offer the Intimate Cinema package which starts at £3,000 and includes a film around 20 minutes in length.

Hannah and Kyle – Wasing Park Secret Walled Garden

Hannah and Kyle – Wasing Park Secret Walled Garden

Jess and Katy – Eggington House

Jess and Katy – Eggington House

Mackenzie and Cameron – Dartmouth House

Mackenzie and Cameron – Dartmouth House

Let's break it down

We don’t set a limit for our attendance. We offer all day coverage…

We like to make sure that we have great coverage. That means we always work with two cameras as standard. And, if you would like 2 cinematographers for even greater coverage then we can offer that too.

In addition, we know that live events by their nature are difficult to put an end time on. For this reason, we don’t set a limit for our attendance. We offer all day coverage just because we know how much we need to produce one of our amazing films.

Looking after your film

We are also technical geniuses and have data storage all sorted. Danny wrote a very technical geeky article about our own data storage, and if you so minded, you can have a read to find out how we keep your wedding film safe.

Also, if your keen to find out what we use in terms of equipment and gear on the day, we can tell you all about the Minty Slippers kit bag. We’ve written a separate article about it in case your dying to find out the technical specs of our cameras. For some, this is part of the process of selecting a wedding videographer.

Have we helped make up your mind about wedding videography?

I really hope that maybe I have! Professional wedding videography is a skill we have mastered, and by far the best way to remember the day. Let me assure you that it’s going to fly by, and regret is a terrible feeling. Having your wedding day filmed, is the best and only way to remember it. It can help you to remember how people looked, and how people interacted, and what was said.