UPDATE: Since writing this our music licenceing service has just announced that soon we CAN licence Ed Sheeran! Coming soon!

There is no doubt that finding that perfect song for your wedding video is as important as the dress itself. Get the wrong song and the entire wedding film can be a mess of the wrong feelings and emotions (or no feelings or emotions at all).

This is why we spend days trying to find that perfect song, the one which fits you and your day so perfectly it can actually move you to tears. But we can’t just use anything we feel like.

Music Copyright Explained

In short. Every song written is protected by copyright and those rules say you cannot use it to make a wedding video. Heck, your not even allowed to use it on your home movies.

Can’t we just buy a song from iTunes and use that?

I’m afraid not. That song is protected by copyright and various rules. One of which is we cannot use it for the purpose of a wedding video. While you bought the song you don’t own the rights to it. You simply have permission to listen to it.

What if we break the rules?

The punishment can vary from no action at all to being sued for hundreds of thousands of £.

What you can usually expect though is that when you or I upload a video to YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook their automatic detection systems will simply flag the video and make it unavailable. The rights holder can allow the video but it may end up with adverts being played first. And I’m pretty sure you don’t want to watch an ad every time you go to watch your wedding video.

What if my band performed a song?

If it is their own song, written and performed by themselves then we can use that as they hold all the rights. But if they perform a popular song then while they may grant us permission to use their performance the song will have a songwriter who would want their commission, and a music label who own the ultimate rights who would also be interested in a royalty payment.

So what’s the answer?

For us we licence all of our music from SongFreedom.com. A music licensing system created where the rights holders have already granted permission to use various songs of theirs for the purpose of wedding videos and slideshows. We have to pay for their use but this guarantees that you are free to upload your film and share it about online without fear of legal action or the film suddenly disappearing online. We don’t use royalty free music as that is usually just absolute garbage. All of the films you see on our website use music taken from SongFreedom and we can also licence popular artists such as Christina Perri, The Lumineers, The Temper Trap, Moby and many more. Unfortunatly, no Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran.

But I’ve seen studio XYZ using Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars in their videos?

It’s like speeding. We know we shouldnt do it but we all do and face the music when we get caught. That’s a risk we are not willing to take. Especially when the outcome is that your film could disappear from being online. We know several studios who have indeed been caught and along with having their entire portfolio of films deleted they have had to pay rather hefty fines.

In conclusion

Here at Minty Slippers we licence each and every song so we can upload it and you can share it. You don’t have to worry about a thing. It also means you have a rather unique soundtrack that avoids all the cliche wedding songs that will remain timeless.

Danny from Minty Slippers
Danny O’Neill (Chief user of crayons)

Danny’s background is in IT having been in charge of the storage and backup teams for a number of clients. Now he spends his days fine tuning the Minty Slippers films and playing on his PS4.

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