Sam and Joe – Hackney Town Hall

Nothing beats the rush you get from not only editing but then showing your work on the same day. The Same Day Edit (SDE) is where we film your day but throughout the day we hand the footage to our editor. In this case that was Julie, who then creates one of our wonderful films ready to show to your evening guests on a huge big projection screen. It creates quite a unique film as the entire production is tailor made with Julie telling us what shots she needs to fill in the gaps so we can get them straight away. It gives the day guests a chance to experience the day in ways they probably couldn’t from where they were sat, they get to hear the vows so loud and crisp and for the evening guests they get to see the parts they would have otherwise missed.

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or Sam and Joe they had their Art Deco themed day at the Hackney town hall in London. Quite a unique venue in that it fitted their art deco theme down to a T. Sam had it all, the feathered dress, custom logo with their initials in an art deco style and vintage themed CD’s (made to look like old vinyl records) for their guests.

The dress is important to any bride but for Sam it was even more so. As Sam explains in the opening of the film it was quite a hard one to come by with only one place offering it. And when you find the one, you just know you have to have it.

Music licensed via Musicbed.

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