Saima and Geoff – Micklefield Hall

Saima and Geoff got married at the spectacular Micklefield Hall in Hertfordshire. What set their wedding apart from others is that they not only had it outside but around a little pond. Surrounded by their friends and family, it made for quite a unique and beautiful setting.

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hey also have what must be the longest aisle we have ever seen. As Saima left the house and walked down the grass, hedge lined path she could see her husband to be off in the distance (way way WAY off in the distance).

Our couple also had one of our favorite features that you can have at any wedding. An unplugged ceremony. In today’s connected digital world we all have a camera with us all day and we love to take pictures. But for many couples they imagine their day to be like a movie. This often isn’t the case as in the movies, when the bride walks down the aisle all of their guests are looking at her. But in real life what we find is many guests are actually looking at their phones, hiding behind an iPad or leaning out into the aisle to take a shot. So, Saima and Geoff took the bold step of making their ceremony (just the ceremony) a no phone, camera, social media zone so their guests were present in the moment to really enjoy the ceremony.

Their exit as husband and wife was greeted by their guests blowing bubbles before they walked back up that long aisle for the epic confetti shot.

We do hope we get to film more weddings at Micklefield Hall and share those stories with you in the future.

The song we used is ‘The Search’ by Mree. Licensed via Marmoset.

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