Dartmouth House, London

Mackenzie & Cameron

Long distance relationships are tricky. I’m not saying that from personal experience but from that of our many couples who have endured them in order to get to that magical moment when they finally get to marry. For Mackenzie and Cameron that distance was that of Canada and England as they sealed their union at Dartmouth House in London followed by a blessing at the exclusive Chapel Royal on the grounds of St James’s Palace.

Mackenzie and Cameron celebrated their day at Dartmouth House in Mayfair, London. What better place to celebrate the coming together of two families from around the world than in the home of the English-Speaking Union that is Dartmouth House.

A surprise to all were the custom and super emotional vows that Mackenzie and Cameron read during their ceremony. We do love when our couples do this as it’s a true way to express yourself during one of the most intimate moments in your life.