Lisa and Steve – Notley Abbey

So what is a wedding about to you? Love? Celebrating? Or Family? A combination of all of these three things will apply to most of you, but for Steve and Lisa, it was more about family. Steve and Lisa’s story will leave you with an uplifting vibe, that will put a smile on your face. This wedding video was filmed at Notley Abbey, in the idyllic Buckinghamshire countryside, a great location, delivering a modern vibe, yet set in a character location. The venue has the most memorable driveway, a really stunning line of trees surrounded by fields, making you feel a world away from city life.

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he wedding was an amazing fun affair, with a blow up outdoor photo booth (I’ve never seen one of these before!), and a Giraffe theme (Lisa’s favorite animal). There were some really amazing speeches, the most moving from Steve – he wore his heart on his sleeve and told everyone in the room how much it meant to him that they were all at Notley Abbey, sharing his day of family and celebration.

We felt very privileged to be there to film and share this wedding video at Notley Abbey for Steve and Lisa; we always do when we film such an intimate wedding. Lisa and Steve definitely had a fun vibe about their day, there were some excellent moments in the blow up photo booth and the party was super buzzing!

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