We love stories and the great thing is that everyone has one. Some good, some bad and some which are just downright beautiful. Meredith and Shoshana’s story is one of long distance love and it takes place at Notley Abbey. With Shoshana here in London and Meredith from New York. To get you a little acquainted with their story have a watch of the trailer from their own YouTube channel.

So we have two girls with a love for life and an even deeper love for each other. And thankfully, the world is coming around to the idea that marriage is something that everyone should be allowed to enjoy be them straight, gay, bi or lesbian. Love is love after all.

Filming two lovely ladies in their wedding dresses is never easy as we have to place our little microphone somewhere. In this case we taped a wireless mic into Meredith’s dress in such a way that it’s totally invisible yet gives us that wonderful sound we need so much. And in this case, a little more. As the mic was so close to Meredith’s chest it could pick up her heartbeat. So that sound you hear in the opening and during the vows is real and taken as Meredith delivers her vows to Shoshona. Something we decided to really work into their film to create one of the most intimate pieces to date.

They had their wedding at the wonderful Notley Abbey in Buckinghamshire. A place we have been to several times and enjoy it more each time.

To top it off we finally found the perfect film to go with a song we have long wanted to use. Gravel Lines by Amy Seeley, licenced via Marmoset Music.