Jessica and Andrew – St Maarten

This is the story of Andrew and Jessica. A vision of beauty and a gentle giant who had their destination wedding week on the island of St Maarten in the Caribbean.

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otice that I said week, not day. What we produced for Andrew and Jessica was something new, something very special. Rather than just film the wedding day itself we wanted to tell their wedding story. Andrew and Jessica has planned a week long coming together of their two families, so when the wedding day itself came around no one felt uncomfortable, no one felt like they had to sit in the corner as they knew no one else, ourselves included. By the end of the week we knew almost everybody.

Something that is becoming more and more frequent for us is our couples asking us who we would recommend to capture the stills for their day. We know many talented photographers but after getting to know them we had only one man in mind. The amazingly talented Bandele Zuberi. When you see his website you would be forgiven for thinking all those you see are models or staged for a magazine photo shoot. They are in fact just regular folk who decided to get married and bring Bandele along for the ride. He has this way about him, this talent where he can get those fantastic shots from regular folk. He can also read the light as if it speaks to him.

For their week of activity Andrew and Jessica planned all sorts for their families. We had volley ball on the beach (including the obligatory Top Gun moments), creole BBQ cooking with dancing and a bonfire, drinks and snorkeling on a catamaran. And, of course, a wedding.

They also made their day totally theirs. Not only did they say their own vows but the union was performed by Jessica’s own brother, Jason. To be able to involve a family member in that way is so personal, so intimate, and so unforgettable. This is why you hear the person delivering the opening words sounding emotional themselves.

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