Jessica and Andrew – Full Film

Andy and Jess had quite a few unique aspects about their day. They had custom vows, involved Andys daughters Avery and Riley into their day but also had Jessica’s own brother, Jason, preside over the marriage ceremony.

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e wanted to show everyone what one of our full films from our Intimate Cinema collection looks like because it’s often hard to explain how we tell the story of a wedding day in 20 minutes (or in this case an entire wedding week!) when a wedding video is typically several hours long. It’s not because we cut anything out, we just make better use of what we have. For example when you hear your officiant welcoming everyone to this day we never show them saying this but instead you hear them but let you watch something with a little more gravitas, such as the guests arriving and taking their seats. We do this numerous times throughout the film and the end result is something shorter, with a greater impact but still missing nothing.

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