Dean and Neil – Elvetham Hotel

Nothing has a greater impact on your wedding day, certainly not for the evening guests who couldn’t make it to the day than seeing your wedding film that same day. This, is the same day edit. We shoot, edit and show your film just hours after it happened.

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ean and Neil chose to hold their same sex wedding at The Elvetham Hotel in Surrey.

Something they had which we just love are custom vows. A chance for our couples to really express how they feel beyond the legal declaration. And in this case, they decided to go to Disney!

The concept of the Same Day Edit is something for us which requires planning… Well, as much as you can for a wedding day, which are usually quite fluid events. Before hand we select a range of songs with varying moods and tempos. We also have an additional member to our team, a dedicated editor. The reason we can produce one of our films in just one day is down to planning and being in constant contact with our editor. Each shooter wears a discrete earpiece and receives instructions from the editor on what we need.

A wedding day contains various aspects which are fixed by the couple and the day will run like it were on rails. However there are plenty of shots available throughout the day. Our editor will instruct our shooters on which shots they need to fill in the gaps and create the story.

We then film the first dance and a short while later are ready to show their film to all of their guests. And, for the evening guests who were unable to attend the day this has a truly powerful impact.

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