Carly and Simon – Great Fosters

I will be honest. As one of only 3 men in the country who don’t follow football I had no idea who Simon was. It wasn’t until later that one of my good friends pointed out that he was the same Simon who played football for Fulham, a premier league team. I’ve never been a follower of football; I have to say that tech is so much more my thing. If you can’t plug it in, it’s not really for me.

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ost of the minty crew were there, including myself, Julie and our new cinematographer Gavin. In the evening Gavin came over to us with a big smile and told us how Teddy Sherringham had just asked him for directions. He seemed very chuffed.

Carly found us via her friend “little Daishy” who’s wedding we had filmed not long before. They had chosen to have a wonderful summer wedding at Great Fosters in Egham, Surrey. I also believe this was the first time Great Fosters had had an outdoor ceremony filmed. Yay! Everything was working out perfectly.

The entire day had a wonderful feeling of intimacy. Part of this was down to the venue. It was weird being so close to London but looking at the grounds it felt like you could be absolutely anywhere.

Carly looked stunning In her Proniouvious dress and Jimmy Choo shoes as she walked the length of the gardens to reach her new husband to be. This must have been one of the longest aisles any bride has had to walk and I cannot imagine how she must have felt.

We always tell people that we tell a story, but in truth it is our couples themselves who do most of the storytelling. So I will leave you to watch as Simon tells you a little about their day.

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