Angel River – With Respect To You – Music Video

On a chilly November Monday, a group of incredibly tallented people meet at a flat in London.

Their objective: to make a beautiful song, into a beautiful film.

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et me introduce to you the very talented Daniel Arieleno, and Minty Slippers first music video production in association with Simon Brenner, founder member of 80’s band Talk Talk. Simon approached us last year; an email praising our story telling, and a question – would we be interested in making a music video? Of course, our answer was a definite yes!! We listened to the song and instantly started seeing the possibilities, and the story that could be told.

The song is about a relationship break up, and the realisation that one party gave more than the other did. Eventually, one breaks free and flourishes. You’ll see elements of the story telling in the film with the scenes that are acted with Daniel and Katrina Louise (@KatrinaLouise1 on instagram) his girlfriend in this story.

The song is now available for purchase via iTunes, please support Daniel and his debut album Angel River – it really is a masterpiece.

Services used;

  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Colour Grading
  • Directing
  • Concept and Script Writing
  • On Location Lighting
  • Steadicam
  • 3D Modeling by 3D Fluff
  • Hair and Make-Up by Jessica Hawkins

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