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From time to time we like to feature some of our filmmaker friends. Todays comes from our friend Luke over at More of Your Memories. Who, we just created his stunning new website through our new venture

Luke recently gave up his life working at the BBC to focus full time on his new venture where he converts your old video tapes and cine film into a beautiful, fully edited home movie.


If today you’re lucky enough to have your wedding captured by a talented videographer (and they don’t come much more talented than Minty Slippers!) then it’s nothing short of appearing in your own movie. With stunning cinematography and creative editing – the result is a truly cinematic experience

Couple on their wedding day in the 1970's

However, not every day is your wedding day, and recording your own home movies has its limitations. What’s more, they probably exist on old formats like VHS that you can’t even play any more. Either that, or they’re drowning in a sea of photos and videos on your smart phone!

With that in mind, here are a few simple ways you can tidy up the clutter and begin to make more of your precious memories…


Wedding films have come a long way. Far from the stunning highlight films created by the likes of Minty Slippers, your parents’ wedding video wouldn’t have benefited from very sophisticated editing and was probably recorded on old VHS tape, betamax or even cinefilm!

Luckily today, you can employ a video to digital transfer service to convert those old home movies into a watchable format (DVD or digital) which can allow your parents to re-live those precious memories all over again – an incredible gift if they haven’t done so already!

Take a look at this wedding film from 1965. Originally recorded on 8mm cinefilm and brought back to life by the digital technicians at Make More of Your Memories:

Far from the comprehensive and cinematic coverage of weddings today, this filmmaker clearly wasn’t even allowed in the church! Despite that, there is something undeniably beautiful about the aesthetic of 8mm film (and those titles 😍).


When I transferred my grandparents home videos to DVD there was over 70 hours of footage! Getting the family together to watch everything proved a little impractical. Plus a lot of it was, quite frankly, a little boring! 

However, by cherry picking the highlights and adding some music (plus a little movie magic) – we can create something extremely moving and altogether more watchable. Here’s a short sample that includes the previous footage and shows of what a little creative editing can do:

Once you have transferred your home video to digital, this is something you might have fun experimenting with yourself using cheap home editing software such as iMovie. Or for something really special consider a professional home video editing service. They can create highlight films of your best bits, dedications to loved ones or even a personal documentary of your life! 


It’s now easier than ever to gather thousands of photos and videos using only our phones. Social media allows us to share these, but after receiving a few likes, memories tend to disappear into the ether – perhaps with facebook offering up a small montage of randomly selected images a year later!

If you’d like the pictures and videos on your phone curated into something a little more special, then you might also consider a home video editing service. The following film celebrates one year of baby Marcos and is made entirely from the photos and videos taken on his mum’s phone across that year:


“drama is life with the dull bits cut out”

Alfred Hitchcock

You may have heard the Alfred Hitchcock quote ‘drama is life with the dull bits cut out’. Wedding videographers like Minty Slippers understand this. That’s how they turn hours of wedding footage into a single, beautiful highlight film that brilliantly tells the story of your day.

It’s easy to get lost in the details of our everyday lives, but by cherry picking those special moments and carefully curating them into a narrative, we can remind ourselves of the wonderful story we are creating with our friends and families every single day.

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