Here at Minty Slippers we like to lead the way in this wonderful wedding video world, with new ideas.

We started in 2007 and were one of the few studios offering Steadicam footage as standard in EVERY film.

In 2010 we offered High Definition Blu-Ray as standard.

In 2009 we took the decision to leave the old, antiquated wedding videos of the past behind and move to a shorter, more story driven film. A few of our peers at the time told us we were mad, but we knew we were right – and it went down a storm 🙂

Around the same time we moved our entire camera fleet to DSLR for a look which is now common place in our industry, but at the time was seen as nothing more than a fleeting trend.

In 2015 we then started to offer USB copies as standard. Not one, but all 3 copies could be on USB if you wished, which suited the majority of our couples.

This year we now take on our next big change or changes*.


We are now moving away from packages and fixed offerings, and are going more à la carte. Our core offering still includes all day coverage from 2 talented Minty Slippers cinematographers and one of our super popular short story films of around 7 minutes. This way you now only pay for what you want, not what we want you to have.

Limiting your coverage to a set number of hours is just bonkers on a wedding day as they are simply too fluid. That’s why we only offer all day coverage so we get everything we need to tell the best possible story.

Now, you can enhance your film with any of our add-ons. These include more days, a longer film of either 15 or 20 minutes, aerial coverage, super-dupa slow-motion or even the raw footage. But the biggest change and the one which will change our industry, is we are going entirely digital.


When was the last time you went to Blockbuster to rent a movie? Disks were on their way out before they ceased operating in 2013 yet here we are, still delivering on disk. We live in a world where everyone is now watching their films online via their Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Smart TV or Netflix. By far our most popular delivery option is USB but why wait for a USB stick to arrive in the post when you can have your film instantly? The moment we finish your film, its available in glorious high definition.

From this year our core package still includes a USB copy but now also includes online delivery with digital download as standard with physical DVD or Blu-Ray copies optional.

When was the last time you had to leave your house to rent a movie?

Your film will now exist securely in the cloud so you can share it with everyone, not just those you choose to give a disk to. We now live in a world where everyone has the internet in their pocket and on their TV with download speeds more than capable of streaming one of our amazing movies in High Definition, and while we are only experimenting with 4k and beyond, this new distribution method means when we are ready to make the change we have the way to get it to our clients as well.
Mintyslippers USB Stick
Mintyslippers DVD in a sleeve


But we are not happy with sending you to some random named website to view and share your films. Oh no, we wanted to make your address as personal as our service and so each online film also get’s it’s own unique web address to share around which will contain all of your films. You can see an example in the link below.

View the film for Lisa and Steve at

What’s also great is for our couples who design their own motif for their wedding day we can add that to your custom site too in place of our own logo.

* Please note that these changes apply to those who book our new packages although if you booked us last year you are more than welcome to upgrade to online delivery.

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