Bride spray painting on a wall in her wedding dress


We are one of the leading wedding videography studios in the UK with over 10 years experience putting wedding film making on the map. We really believe that what we produce is a unique mirror of you – everyone has their own story to tell – and we have a great way of showing you your story.

We are a small team, so we take on a limited amount of weddings per year, so we can put our heart and soul into each production. We have a number of options that might suit you, our first package starting from £10,000* with our famous all day coverage and social media friendly versions of your film as standard. We can travel anywhere, do most anything, and we keep smiling all the way. If you want to feel that feeling, we’d love to hear from you. Come for a visit, we’ll have some tea and some buns – and you can tell us all about your journey to this point.

* Pricing may vary depending on where and when your wedding is taking place.