If your one of our competitors, you’ve probably noticed that our website has made a big jump in the ranks. We’ve even managed to get to the top spots for quite a few key terms. You might be wondering who is the SEO company responsible. Well the answer is…, well, its us, and we’d like to share how we have done this, as we announce the launch of our new small business,  Minooh.

Any small business needs to have a presence on the internet in order to be found for their services. Ten years ago it hardly seemed that important to have a website, and it was easy to be found. Keywords for your business or service were not as competitive as they are today. Well, things are changing. The news is this: If your not prepared adapt, you are going to get left behind.

How many people are looking for you?

Did you know that the number of people searching for wedding related services on the internet is declining? I realise this isn’t good news for our industry. Take wedding dresses for example (the number 1 wedding related search term). After doing a bit of research using Google Trends, we’ve discovered that year on year, less people are looking for them on Google. Is it possible that this could reflect the popularity of wedding services across the industry?


Not just wedding dresses. Blogs too

We looked at all sectors in the wedding world and were surprised to find the biggest drop of all was for “wedding blog”, one of our more popular sources for leads. We even delved deeper into each of the individual brands and those searches too correlated to a decline.

One of the hardest hit was Style Me Pretty, the biggest wedding blog in the world and could be part of the reason their owner had initially announced the site was to close in April 2018 before it was bought back to life by Abby Larson. Their search traffic is a fraction of what it once was, perhaps as brides move to social media for their bridal inspiration.

Now, we do not know if the blogs actual site traffic is lower. Only they can tell you that from their Analytics data. But the search volume is a fantastic indicator we cannot ignore.


Chances are, if you are in the wedding industry, you have noticed a decline in your enquiries over the last two to three years. Obviously, there will be some exceptions, but Google Trends tells us this is the case across the sector as a whole. We’ve looked at a whole bunch of services in the wedding world, and google recons people aren’t looking for certain services like they once were.

Fewer people are getting married

The latest report from the Office of National Statistics tells us from 2015, that more and more people are choosing NOT to get married. Obviously, this isn’t good news for our industry. But it then leads us to the question of what can we do to ensure that the people who do want to get married are finding our services.

Minty Slippers launches Minooh

Minty Slippers is proud to announce that it has formed a new SEO business called Minooh (pronounced Min-Oh. Like the fish, only not spelled the same 🐟) aimed at helping businesses in our industry get found on the internet. Particularity aimed at small businesses like yours. We can really help if the technical aspects SEO, and all things related to that are a bit daunting or if you just want someone to work with your web developer to ensure your site is as optimised as it can be.

We are offering our services to the wedding industry as a whole, and we’ve certainly learned a lot after over 10 of years working within in it and having reached number 1 and no2 in Google for our chosen keywords and phrases.

Why you NEED to be found, and on page 1

We realise that some of you will have this subject very much in hand and won’t need any help with it. Some of you might rely on recommendations alone which works very well for your sector in our industry.

Others, like us who have a very visually based business, may not be so aware of how important optimising your website can be. It really comes down to this, if your not being found on the internet for your services, you’re losing out. When was the last time you wanted something in particular, and just thought – Oh, I’ll just check on google, or Amazon. You’re thinking the way that everyone else does. Your customers are going to be no different. If you can’t be found on the web, your competition is winning.

How to find where you truly rank

It would be interesting to do a little exercise here (not the jumping around kind). Just take one minute out of your busy day, and check where your website is on Google or the likes.

Did you know that Google likes to give you local results instead of National results now? Even if you have all location services turned off and you reject the box asking to share your location, it will still guess your location and give you relevant results. You could be looking at the results and thinking “great! I’m 5th!” but the chances are, you might be 5th locally, but nationally you might be very differently placed. This is important as many couples are not getting married in the area they live in.

If you want to be found by customers across the country, you need to be visible both nationally and locally.

To really see what a potential customer sees when they search for you, you need to do the following;


First Step

Open up a new private/incognito browser window (Ctrl+Shift+N in Google Chrome).


Second Step


Third Step

Search for your chosen keyword and select the location your potential clients are likely to search from. So if your in Northampton, put London or the like.

Where did you find yourself?

If your not on page 1, you’re facing a challenge. Did you know that 35% of people searching only click on the number 1 spot. 95% of people searching the internet search don’t navigate past page 1. This leaves the businesses that are on page 2 onward all fighting for the remaining 5% of clicks.


If your competition are on page 1, then you need to get on that and fix it.

The trouble is, it’s more than just one thing that matters when it comes to getting found on the internet. It comes down to something called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is the subject that you can’t ignore. Having SEO done properly can ensure that you are on the page you deserve to be.

Do you need help with your SEO?

If you are looking for someone to help with your SEO who truly knows the wedding industry like no other then the new Minty Slippers venture ‘Minooh’ might be able to help.

Get in touch to see what we offer.

Keywords matter

Running your own business means that you have to know a little bit about a lot of things. Usually, this is because we can’t all afford to pay out mega bucks for advertising, because our margin’s just don’t allow for that.


How many of you have written the words on your websites pages yourselves?

I’ll put my hand up to that too. What you probably don’t realise, is that there is a way to do it, that can help get you noticed. The key is being on page one. Part of getting there, is the magical words that the internet likes, called Keywords. If you not being found for your services, you don’t have the right words on your website. Simples.

Part of the job of an SEO is to perform keyword research to make sure you are targeting the right phrases that people are actually using and ones you actually have a chance at ranking for.

Minooh and Keywords

If you haven’t even considered SEO and where your website is on the web, you have totally got to start looking it to this, and I’m going to convince you how important it is.

We know that booking trends for our services are very up and down; the same applies across the entire wedding industry. Just have a look at this graph – you can really see over the past 5 years how interest wanes across the year, and then picks up. You can also see the steady decline for searches for the word “weddings” too.


This is the sort of information which we track all the time. It tells us when to plan an advertising campaign, and when to spend time in development phases.

Keeping up with trends and the like is so important. It can help you stay ahead of the curve. It can also demonstrate what sort of words people are using to find you and if it’s even worth while. Keywords should underpin the content of your website and they can help you find ways of beating your competition hands down.

I’ve got another example for you of a Keyword that’s considered quite popular amongst our photographer friends – “documentary wedding photographer“. We see this used a lot in the content written on websites for photographers using this style. Although the style is quite popular, the question is, are people looking for this style of photography in their searches? Have a look at this graph. We have compared “wedding photographer” with “documentary wedding photographer” and it really shows you what the trends are:


Breaking it down a bit more, Our keyword planning tools can show us the search volumes for each category. So for “documentary wedding photographer” there are 320 searches per month across the entire UK, versus “wedding photographer” which has almost 9,900 average over a month. Again, this is across the whole of the UK.

Now you’re probably thinking “that’s ok. I’ll take 320 visitors a month who might like to buy“. But remember what I said earlier, 36% of those searches are going on the no1 position and that 320 searches is also across the entire UK. And the chances are, unless you have a very solid SEO strategy you will not be ranking nationally.

Google delivers very personalised results and even if you don’t specify a location in your search it will deliver locally relevant results. Google knows where you live, and where your business is based (no, that’s not creepy at all).

Let’s get even deeper. Let’s look at the location of Kent. In Kent there are just 320 searches per month for “wedding photographer.  For “documentary wedding photographer” the volume is so low our tools cannot tell us how many searches there are. This usually suggests less than 10 people a month are searching for this term. It’s also worth mentioning, that out of all those people searching they have 10 results to choose from on page 1 alone.

Write for humans, not search engines

Search engines like google are a constantly changing entity. Google and it’s counterparts work in a very different way to how they functioned 10 years ago. Once up on a time, websites just had to feature a load of words on the home page to get found. Now, Google likes you to answer the questions people are asking. Google is turning into AI (artificial intelligence) with the introduction of RankBrain, and it’s starting to think like a human. Scary eh? So, does your website read like a robot talking to a robot, or a human talking to a human?

The old practice of “We’re a wedding widget seller in this town who also sells wedding widgets in that town because our wedding widgets are the best wedding widgets in this town too which is next to that town” no longer works and hasn’t since the 90’s.

Google now looks for well written, relevant content that covers a subject off from top to bottom.

Chances are, it’s probably time to update a few things.

What you can do

So much. We’ve got loads of really great SEO advice and tips on our Minooh website that can guide you into the sort of subject areas you need to be thinking about. Google alone has over 200 individual ranking factors which means just thinking about meta titles, H1 tags and stuffing a keyword on a page is no longer going to cut the mustard.

If you are feeling a bit lost then you can get one of our fantastic WordPress SEO website audits done to see where you stand. Once you know how healthy your website is, you can start to make a plan to improve your place on the internet. Obviously, we won’t be offering to help out fellow videographers as that would just be silly 😉

Interestingly, we have been talking to some of the suppliers at weddings recently about what SEO means to them. A lot of the time, we have had to explain what SEO means and how you need to think beyond just keywords, which is kind of a sign that it’s a very underused marketing tool in small businesses.

We have designed Minooh to work with small businesses just like yours, specifically within the wedding industry. If you think you would like to have a chat about how we can help you out, please do get in touch. There really is so much your business could be doing to find customers and beat the competition.

Julie from Minty Slippers
About the author and your guide to Minooh SEO

I’m Julie and when it comes to Minty Slippers I am not only one of our Cinematographers and editors but I also handle all the business bits. Numbers, budgets and planning are my bag.

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