I honestly don’t know why we’ve not made a big deal out of this sooner as it’s something quite unique in our industry, not just among videographers but photographers, DJ’s, bands… anyone. So here goes, time to shout;


We are at your wedding from the preps until the evening. All the time we need to make the best possible film and tell your story.

Nearly every aspect of the wedding world is dominated by your suppliers who will sell you a set number of hours and for a little bit more you can buy more hours. For a lot of people this means having to engineer their day to fit the suppliers. And some will give you 6 hours as standard, some 8, some 12. So how do you manage an already quite complex military operation?

A long time ago we used to offer hours, the problem was we found people would often buy the exact number of hours they needed with zero room for slippage. And on wedding days TIMINGS WILL SLIP! This would mean we end up leaving without having filmed the first dance or even the cutting of the cake. Unless the couple agreed to pay hundreds of £££ more. This meant our films sometimes had rather bizarre endings. The other problem we had was people would pay for us to stay really late and there comes a point in most weddings where the guys take their ties off and put them around their heads. Funny at the time but rarely the memory you want to look back on for generations to come and we were always asked to not include any of that footage.

So we made a decision. All day coverage as standard. This means we cover your preps right up until the first dance and beyond. Having fireworks? Not a problem. Late night after party with LED roller shot girls and jugglers? Let’s capture that.

This doesn’t necessarily mean we will stay until 1am just in case something happens. We like to know your plans before hand and as I said, there comes a point in the night where the footage we get is just of people embarrassing themselves and people only have so many dance moves (the record is 3 moves, no one has more than 3 usually). But we will be there from your preps and well into the evening and it won’t cost you a bean more.

Head on over to our pricing page to see just how much this will cost or find out all about our wedding videography and why not have a little watch of a few films as well.

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