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We're Julie and Danny. This is our story

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We never stand still. Always moving. I think you could say that’s our motto. Especially Danny – who’s always being told off by Julie to “stop fidgeting”. We are driven by the people we meet, the experiences we have, and a great sense of belief, that what we do is the right choice for us. WE LOVE BEING BEHIND THE CAMERA – IT’S WHERE WE FEEL – RIGHT.

Our backgrounds are from the commercial world, mostly middle management – but we’ve always had that feeling that our skills were perhaps better placed in another world. Now, we get to travel around, meeting you and your families, making new friends and telling new stories. Best job EVER. And we like cake, and tea. A lot.


Julie and Danny meet on a bus after work one day. Danny gives Julie his number. She doesn’t call and Danny fears the worst.

1996 - 2 months later

We meet again at the bus stop. Julie claims she lost Danny’s number and they arrange to go on a date.


We finally go on a date and experience our first kiss one frosty Christmas eve.


We’re married in Gretna Green surrounded by 20 of our closest friends and family… Huzzah!


We buy the domain name for mintyslippers.co.uk as Julie wanted a new and unique email address. There are many stories as to why that name was chosen but it involved alcohol and a pair of slippers from Asda.


It begins! We decided to start Minty Slippers and add the .com domain name to our portfolio. We film our first wedding for free to see what we can do.