Story of you

We’re Minty Slippers, a bespoke wedding videographer with over 14 years experience in telling stories. Stories about people, places and ideas. We don’t believe in templates or colouring within the lines. We capture authentic moments in time. Moments that flutter with vibrancy and life.
Our videography offers incredible storytelling which is unrivalled in our industry.

5 stars

"To see all the amazing and special moments you captured was awesome! And I also just wanted to say how beautiful the shots and music are (that’s what I’m normally most interested in with anything I watch!)."

- Lisa and Rob

5 stars

"We are absolutely blown away by this video. The shots, the grade, the music, the pacing... You really are sooooo talented. Thank you!"

- Jess and Katy

5 stars

"The quality of the work Minty Slippers do is just beyond words. They really are masters of their craft. They come highly recommended!"

- Wasing Park