This is the story of… MintySlippers showing their first Same Day Edit (also know as an SDE).

This is also the story of Lorna and Mike who got married at Coltsford Mill in Surrey. Lorna was the winner of the Country House Wedding Venues summer of love competition where she was lucky enough to win one of our films. We were so moved by her story that we wanted to do something extra special for them on their day.

For some time now we have been working up to the point where we can show an SDE. For those that don’t know an SDE is where we film your day and produce your highlights for you, on site, on the day and show it to everyone in the evening. This is an amazing way to not only re-live your day but to also help your evening guests share in your experience. For us the one key rule we had was that our SDE had to be the same quality, if not better than one of our ‘edited in the office’ films. This means we had to craft their story, colour correct, colour grade and add all our usual tweaks with a finite deadline.

It’s quite a challenge to film in our usual style and to also capture and edit all the footage for an evening showing. In the case of Lorna and Mike we filmed Mike performing his DJ set in the evening and 10 minutes later we were ready to show everyone their film on the big screen. Coltsford Mill even had one of those fancy projection screens which descend from the ceiling :)

It was actually a really fun experience and it even had some benefits over editing in the office. Usually a wedding is a one take event but when you are editing on the day we had the chance to go back and film additional material if needed. For example, we filmed the evening festivities but it didn’t quite fit with the rest of the film so we could go back in and film it from a different angle with a different lens and get just the right shot.

Before we started we already had a rough idea how their day would pan out so as we filmed we would capture and place the footage into the edit. As the day progressed, new stories popped up that we wanted to work into the edit, so we changed things around, removed some bits to give priority to the new ones. Speeches play a huge part in our edits but we often have no idea what people are going to say. It was interesting to be able to work their story around what is said just moments earlier.

Just after Mike finished his DJ set we were ready to show their film to the 150+ guests. The reaction from the room was just incredible. It was a real joy to see people’s reactions as the film played. Some even asked if it was really all filmed today and others thought parts were filmed earlier in the week at a rehearsal, I had to assure them it was all filmed that day.  There were a few tears followed by a rapturous applause which I feel was more for the couple themselves than for us.

The Same Day Edit will now be something we formally offer, either as an item on its own or an upgrade to your existing collection. If you are interested in having an SDE to show at your day then do get in touch.

The film below is exactly what we shot, edited and showed on the day. No changes or tweaks have been made since it was shown last Saturday.

-Julie & Danny

Music: Running Around in my Dreams by Tyrone Wells
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