For those of you who keep up to date with our blog, you will know that my childhood was filled with lots of visits to old train sheds, steam train rides across moors and valleys, and my Dad anxiously waiting by the front door for the post man to deliver the latest double 00 gage Hornby special. Well, you can imagine my (and my Dad’s) delight when we met Emma and Gavin, who had decided to have their wedding at the new St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London. Its only been open since May 2011, and they were one of the first couples to have their wedding there. The hotel is right at the end of the train platform.

And for those of you who are fans of the Spice Girls song – Wannabe – you’ll remember that scene as the spice girls descend down the stairs – well, that staircase is at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London.  Since then, the hotels had a complete refurbishment; the level of detail and finish is just exquisite.  It’s certainly worth a visit if you get the opportunity.

I have to admit, I do have another tie to this particular couple. When I was 18, I wanted to get into Law. I also wanted some money and couldn’t stand any more learning, so I went to work for Solomon & Levy Solicitors, as a legal secretary.  This was where I met Alan Levy, Emma’s Dad. I hadn’t realised the correlation between Emma and her Dad when we first met Gavin and Emma,  until I turned up to film her getting ready at home, and who appeared at the door – but Alan Levy!  It was a real surprise to meet up with my old boss – and yes Alan, you were always nice to me and I have some fond memories of my time at Solomon and Levy.

So, Emma and Gavin.  The more I watch it, the more I like it.  They aren’t a mushy over romantic couple, but the love in the room was obvious. Gavin’s speech is testament to that. Emma really did look amazing, and when she smiles, it just makes you smile too. Twice around.

Click here to read the Behind the Scenes write up for the technical among you and our fellow industry peeps.


Here are some of those who helped make Emma & Gavin’s day happen;

Venue | St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London
Catering | Chives
Shoes | Alexander McQueen
Dress | Ian Stuart
Photographer | Reportage By
Toastmaster | Jamie Paskin
Florist and Chuppah Design | Black & Cook
Music | Creation Disco-Live